Free Enterprise Utah is a group of Utah businesses and entrepreneurs that believe in the state’s free enterprise system. The group also believes the state’s current laws regarding non-compete contracts protects employees and businesses. Further changes to non-compete law will potentially hurt employees, businesses, and the state’s reputation.

The group abides by the following principles:

  • Champion Free Enterprise Utah’s free enterprise system is optimal for economic growth and job creation jobs. Employers and employees both benefit by freely engaging in contracts without excessive government regulation.
  • Sustain Utah’s National Reputation Utah has earned a national reputation as the best state for business and careers. We support policies that protecting this national brand, and attract business, capital and talent to the Beehive State.
  • Empower Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs are a critical source of economic growth, taking significant risk to build businesses and create jobs. We support policies to protect entrepreneurs from unfair and unnecessary government regulation.
  • Support and Invest in PeoplePeople are the most important aspect of any business. Policies encouraging investment in talent through training and education are beneficial to both the employee and the business. Employment contracts protect the business and, as well as the people they employ.
  • Embrace Transparency – Transparency in contractual arrangements is more effective than regulation. Employment contracts should be properly tailored, reasonable in scope and duration, and should be well-understood by both employers and employees.